The Square

The Square

They swore to God they meet the people’s demands.

Soo.. people went home.

Now I find myself standing in the very same place that welcomed me, trying to convince others to follow a revolutionary argument. People want out and I give my speech.

We will fight until our lungs run out of oxygen and our eyes can’t meet with night and day. We are people of peace and hope, don’t let them tell you otherwise. Promote a sermon or 2 and raise your fist high soo.. intensely it gives us 1 more day to remain closer to the Sun.
Now you beat us, trying to take away our freedom. Giving orders to Satan’s assistants. Take me to the almighty King.. I gotta message for him. Matter fact tell the King there’s another dead SunFlower in the streets. I saw a demon lurking in the scene. I want to know if anyone else has died in the arm of the responsible one.. the one with the least sense of himself.

There is no connection. Soo.. I ran fast beating time and death. I hid away feeding my meter mental images of a better Egypt.

-Kat Garcia
#projectwords #khalidabdalla (Picture Captured From Netflix Documentary, The Square)


Small To Big

Small To Big

Your goin to come across those that will judge the most simplest form of a bad flaw that pertains to you, and you only. If it makes you who you are, then it surely makes you A M A Z I N G. You are Amazing for being who you are, who ever that may be. And it only matters that you accept who ever you may be because God gave you a personal and VIP entrance to a beautiful soul that you have rights to participate in and no one else. Soo.. Your dream may be to be better, stronger, indestructible a giant full of force. If you tell yourself that you are, then I believe you are also. #projectwords *(Not my picture)


I do not trust you, nor do I want too. I do not recite your words because non include a deed for God. Luxury is your engine, a cross bound to your suicide heart. You ask for what you don’t need, feeding phases in cases catamount to loveless tip. Fuck you, you don’t understand that love is love. Fuck you, you don’t understand that my empire is the sun.

-Kat Garcia #projectwords

In love with a criminal

In love with a criminal

He fell in love with a criminal,
and following up with her criminology rap sheet
she wasn’t original.

Sinister to every individual who got in her way, saying she wasn’t good enough to domain.

Familiarizing herself with the sun gods, hoping to earn a raise but instead she raised hell playing Russian roulette..

Leaving finger prints leading to fire.

and underneath that beautiful fair skin
and underneath those beautiful soft lips

beautiful choice of soft words

Piercing my heart like a sword, I fell in love with a criminal. ♥

-Kat Garcia #visions4kat

I’am women

I'am women

The calligraphy in my heart would expose to you the women I long to be. Ancient artifacts made it conclusive that I’m better off without a man, I need no man to make me feel I’m beautiful. My calluses graduated from a resuscitated life of crime and broken shattered schemes. Knowing back then how our women were, this life is my energy.

-Kat Garcia #projectwords